Our Supplier Diversity Programs

Our Supplier Diversity Programs

Prime Supplier Program

Our Prime Supplier Program is one of the most essential efforts within AT&T Supplier Diversity Program. Since 1989, AT&T's Prime Supplier Program has helped our prime suppliers increase the utilization of diverse businesses in our supply chain through subcontracting/tier 2 arrangements.

The AT&T Prime Supplier Program helps our prime suppliers establish their own supplier diversity program and develop an annual plan outlining how their company will provide better business solutions by working with diverse businesses.

Prime Suppliers utilize the Virtual Matchmaking On Demand Tool (VMOD) to find diversity suppliers who meet their subcontracting requirements. The VMOD tool allows Prime Suppliers to be immediately matched with vetted MWDVBE suppliers when an opportunity arises.

For more information visit and register for the VMOD Website - https://attvmod.mybusinessmatches.com/

In 2011, AT&T's subcontracting/tier 2 spend increased 31% over 2010 results to $2.1 billion.

For more information about AT&T's Prime Supplier Program, please contact the Prime Supplier Program Manager at attsd@att.com.

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