$60 Billion

In 2022, AT&T Global Supply Chain managed over $60 Billion in supplier spending.

$16.3 Billion

In 2022, $16.3 Billion were spent with certified diverse suppliers, accounting for 26% of total spend.

$230 Billion

Since 1969, $230 billion total were spent with diverse suppliers.


Improve cash flow. Receive payments in as soon as 10 days.

AT&T offers several alternative payment financing options to our suppliers.

Supply Chain SustainabilityA capable, diverse, ethical and sustainable supply chain is crucial for addressing environmental, social and economic issues, mitigating risks, realizing new opportunities, delivering excellence and creating long-lasting value for stakeholders.

Prospective SuppliersFor suppliers interested in doing business with AT&T

Supply QualityAT&T has adopted Supplier Quality Programs based on the global telecommunications TL 9000 requirements and measurements and industry best practices. Suppliers are expected to be able to demonstrate their quality management systems. TL 9000 metrics are defined and copyrighted by TIA QuEST Forum and related information presented here is licensed for use by AT&T within our Supplier Performance program and not for further use or distribution.

AT&T is a proud member of TIA QuEST Forum.